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Jan 22, 2019
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How can I delete my ad?

If you are an authorized Member publisher, you can delete your ads anytime by logging into 'My Athens'. Otherwise you have to contact a Classifieds Administrator to have the ad deleted.    

     » For Site Posts - To Delete An Ad

For site submitted ads, you must contact a Classifieds Administrator to request your ad be deleted. A Classified Administrator will delete your ad as promptly as we can, most likely NOT immediately.


    » For Member Publishers - To Delete An Ad

Log into your 'My Athens' and click "My Classifieds" on the left side of the page.
Find the ad that you would like deleted and click on it.
Then, click 'Delete This Listing' located at the bottom of the page. A confirmation page will show up to double check that is the ad you would like removed permanently. If that is the correct ad, click 'Delete.

You can temporarily turn your ad off, then back on again.
At the bottom of the Update An Ad page in the Site Display area there is a 'Live' and 'Inactive' choice.
If 'Inactive' is chosen, the ad will NOT display on the site. If 'Live' is chosen, the ad will display the site.
You can turn the display of the ad on or off anytime.

    » Still have questions?

You can contact a Classifieds Administrator for more information.


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