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Feb 18, 2019
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How do Keyword searches work?

How Keyword Searches Work

The Keyword Search on our site finds listings by matching the words you enter with information from the listings.

It is a word based search that brings back listings ordered by relevance to the words that were entered.

This search generally works like a google, msn, or yahoo search, except it is only searching something from our community.

For instance, you can type in a street address and get all the listings on that street or having that street in its description. Or search by a specific product or service. Of course, you can always enter a business name to quickly find a specific business.

    » How Literal is the Keyword Search?
Very literal! The search returns only matches to the exact words you enter. Misspellings can affect your results, but plurals will not. For example, the search string 'book' will get results containing 'book' and 'books' but would not include results containing 'booklet'.

How Text Searches Work

The text search on our site finds listings by searching their Subject or Item Name.

This quick subject or name search returns an exact match of whatever text is entered - character for character. You do not have to type full words.

The less characters you type, the more results you will get.

The best way to use the text search is to type as many characters as you think you need to narrow your results to what you are looking for, up to a whole word even.

The search results are returned usually sorted alphabetically by their subject, item or category name.

    » How Literal is the Text Search
Very literal! The search returns only matches to the exact characters you enter. Misspellings and plurals will affect your results. For example, the search 'book' will get results containing 'book' and 'books' and 'booklet'. The search 'books' will only get 'books'.

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